About Us

Weโ€™ve been solving issues and fixing computer problems for years!  In 2000 we set up Frontline Connect which then become known as Tech Angels.  Steve and Elliott (our computer engineers) along with a wider team of support staff, have been fixing computer and laptop problems across Hertfordshire and the Home Counties.  We now have over 5,000 customers and some as far afield as Portugal and Australia.

In 2017 we realised the needs of our customers were changing.  We were being asked time and again about cyber security, online fraud, identity theft and how you can stay safer online.  So we went to the worldโ€™s leading computer security company, Avast, to teach us how to do just that.  Steve and Elliott are now experts and weโ€™re a gold partner with Avast.  Together weโ€™ve developed a unique product which we call MyTechGuard.  In a very short time itโ€™s been a huge success.  We now have over 500 customers using it so weโ€™ve added a company called Tech Guard to the Tech Angels group.  It means we now have a whole team dedicated to keeping you safer online.  


Call us now for computer repairs and online safety advice. Thereโ€™s nothing we canโ€™t help you with.